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Our specialty is raising Burgundy Pasture Beef - it is what we do best!

But right here in North Texas - a fertile prairie of enormous potential to produce some of the best pastured meats in the country - there are other small family farms that have their own specialties. These are our friends, our neighbors - we know them personally - we know their farms and how they do it.

We ONLY offer foods that meet our strict core philosophy - Simple - Wholesome - Rich Flavor. That means raised holistically and in the most natural setting - on pasture - in the open air and sunshine - and NEVER with the use of growth promotants (hormones) or any other artificial circumstance. All the meats are cut and packaged here at The Burgundy Boucherie - with the USDA stamp of approval.

It is the most wholesome and flavorful offering available ANYWHERE - and will take you back to all those extraordinary flavors you miss or may never have experienced… A Culinary delight with peace of mind.

Burgundy Pasture Beef is available year-round. Other items may be seasonal and have more limited availability.

For home or business delivery, there is a 10 pound minimum order of beef, lamb or pork (certain cuts are excluded from the minimum - this will be noted in the product listings). Refer to Delivery and Shipping to select a prescheduled delivery date.

Items are typically vacuum seal packaged and frozen, however with enough prior notice we can deliver some cuts chilled - not frozen.


Now - lets go see what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Burgundy Pasture BeefBurgundy Pasture Beef
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Burgundy Pasture PorkBurgundy Pasture Pork
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Burgundy Pasture LambBurgundy Pasture Lamb
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Seasonal & Other FoodsSeasonal & Other Foods
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Complementary ItemsComplementary Items
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